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Poem: Dear Hubber Friends


Dear Hubber Friends

Dear Hubber Friends,

Tomorrow, I will start a new path,

A clumsy beginning that might prompt laughs,

Like a glass, half empty or half full,

My days will be shorter or longer,

My night won't save me in shining armor,

But the moon will be watching over me,

While the sun is fast asleep.

Sorry In Advance,

Because I might lose the chance to show up,

To celebrate your masterpieces when they have a new start,

I know they will have lives of their own,

And continue to grow and fight,

Like how your morning could be my night.

Thank You,

For welcoming and supporting me with open arms,

For sharing masterpieces from your hearts,

Each one has their own unique art,

Short, long, light, deep, simple, hard,

They all play significant parts.

Happy Writing,

It isn’t about many wins,

Because another's accolades could be a twin,

I appreciate your different souls,

Minds of impressive folds,

With stories untold.

Have A Good Day,

If you're having a hard time,

May everything turn out fine,

Know that your experiences make you wise,

Cheers, with a glass of wine,

Or if you prefer, water with fresh lime!

About The Poem

Just to clear things up although I like suspense, I will be starting my new job tomorrow, 23 April 2018. On the first day, maybe I won't work late hours and I don't know anything but I know this job will require me to work at a client's office until late at night. For now, that's all I know until I find out more details. I might be slow to catch up with your articles, poems and so on. Thanks again!

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew

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