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Poem: Danger Lurking from the Ceiling

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Summary of poem

Danger Lurking from the ceiling is a poem about waking up to the sound of a roof leak in your house. Still half asleep trying to find the source. Flipping on light switches without thinking, tossing towels onto the puddle, then realizing it is coming from the ceiling light.

After looking it up on google and seeing the electric should be off, calling the landlord. Who simply removes the light and says it's nothing to worry about.

"Roof leaking in my Light Fixture" by Laurali's Blog & Reviews


"Danger Lurking from the Ceiling"

Waking up to the pitter patter sound of raindrops

steadily dripping inside the house,

crawling out of bed

in a doze of sleep.

With no thought

I flip on a light switch,

discovering I just walked

through a puddle on the floor.

Immediately I toss towels down

to soak up the water,

then place a pan beneath

to catch each droplet.

As I look up at the ceiling

I see it’s dripping from a light,

Oh no! What am I to do?

I grab my phone and search google

for I haven’t got a clue.

Little did I know,

it could spark a fire

or be like a hairdryer

falling into a tub

so, I am thankful I’m still breathing.

In a panic I phone the landlord

who simply removes the light,

assuring me the circuit breaker will work

if any problem is detected,

but no fix for the leak

until the rain stops.

Now the third night

with the rain still pouring

I walk through the kitchen in the dark,

trying not to worry

for the breaker will surely kick off,

deciding not to risk my life

I get in the car and take off.

"Leaky Roof (water coming through the roof)" by The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man


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