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Poem: Covid-19 Against Christmas Magic

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Covid-19 Against Christmas Magic" is a poem about her looking at a snowglobe.

She hears the elves at Santa Land grumbling behind masks.

Mrs.Claus wants Santa to postpone Christmas until the virus is over but Saint Nick says he must sprinkle Christmas magic across the globe to remind them of baby Jesus.

"Covid-19 : Praise, Worship, and Healing For All - Way Maker (Leeland)

Covid-19 Against Christmas Magic

She shakes her North Pole snow globe,

hearsing Santa's sleigh bells

in the distance,

listening to the elves grumble

with words muffled behind a mask.

Their tiny fingers diligently sewing

the perfect N95 masks,

to snuggly fit the jolly man and his reindeer,

before the big night

when he journeys across the globe.

Mrs. Claus nags Saint Nick,

begging him to stay home this year

or postpone Christmas

until after the vaccine works.

He gently kisses her forehead

shaking his rosey cheeks,

chuckling with words of wisdom

from the heavens above.

The world needs Christmas magic

sprinkled on all corners of the globe,

to unite people

reminding them of baby Jesus

before Christmas morning.

When people from all walks of life come together

remembering God’s greatest gift,

feeling his presence inside their hearts

the coronavirus will no longer rule their lives,

for there is hope and peace

in the comfort of God’s arms.

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