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Poem Collection Vol. 1

Finding Someone

I've been hanging on the moon,

Watching how the sun rises,

How the moon reflects,

And how everyone lives.

I've been hanging on the star,

Watching how clouds collide,

How people work to be alive,

And how they fall behind.

I've been lying on the clouds,

Listening how the people are so loud,

How they push through so much in the crowd,

Finding someone nowhere to be found.

The Series of Short Poems

When was the last time

you genuinely smiled?


If you had the chance

to turn back time,

would you?


Most of the times,

failures are blessings

in an ugly disguise.


They said I was ugly

when I had scars

But he said I was

beautiful of having them.


I was the sun

and you were the moon;

Two celestial beings that

cannot be tohether.


I was so hooked up on the idea

of being in love that i forgot

how it feels.


you were my once upon a time

but not a happily ever after.