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Poem: Cold, Allergy or Flu: God Bless You

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem & Article Summary

Cold, Allergy or Flu: God Bless You is a poem written about saying God bless you after someone sneezes. At first, the person fears the waitress will think the worse, but then she is left wondering where this saying originated. After a little bit of research, she writes down a small piece about how, "God Bless You," came to be.

Why Do People Say Bless You When You Sneeze by Let's Teach"


Cold, Allergy or Flu: God Bless You

She woke up with a stuffy nose

reminding herself not to seem ill,

as she waits for the second Covid-19 vaccine

to be injected in her arm.

Finally, the moment is over

she walks out of the building

grabbing a kleenex from her purse.

Stopping at a local diner

for a quick breakfast before they rest,

when suddenly she sneezes

and the waitress says

“God Bless ".

Quickly she responds,

no worries, we’ve just had the 2nd virus shot,

hoping to ease the woman’s fear.

Indeed, it must have worked,

their service is top notch

with no eyes gazing,

lurking to see

if coronavirus has attacked.


My Brain Rolls Out The Writing Carpet

After we sat down in a booth at a local diner, I sneezed.

The waitress immediately said, God Bless You.

Well, for some reason that got my brain to rolling out that writing carpet.

I wanted to know how this saying originated.


God Bless You: Where it Comes From

With a little bit of research, I found a few interesting answers.

It seems that during the bubonic plague in Rome, Pope Gregory suggested people say this when someone sneezed.

It was thought to protect them from certain death.

Then I found a few superstitions.

Some people believe the soul is a form of air that lives inside one’s head. If he sneezes, he loses his spirit.

So they always ask for God's immediate protection by saying, “God Bless You.”

Then there are those who believe the spirit is evil and can travel out your nose through a sneeze and has the ability to enter someone else’s body.

This is also how some fear the devil takes your soul.

Article I Stumbled Across

While I was researching on the internet, this article popped up.

It is from one of our own Hubbers.

I actually do not know him, as of yet, but his article is well written.

It has some details which you might find interesting.

I will put a link below.

"Sneeze and Someone Will Say, "God Bless You" - Have You Ever Wondered Why by watchJoJo"


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