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Poem: Child of God

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a published author and poet. I love writing poetry of all kinds.


Child of God

My eyes light up like the lights at Christmas time,

eyeliner thick and black

I remove my skin and stretch out my bones,

I stack them up and rinse them off,

dripping wet I dry them with my hair,

I am a puzzle,

full of many pieces

I stitch together a new body;

something more intriguing

I appreciate your love for me

that of which you proudly announce

"For I love my children, and a child of God you are!"

I praise you for your mercy;

It stretches across your sky

draped around my skin

I sit with you as we sit;

talking and growing closer

I relish in your power;

a power only you contain

how brilliant your being is, was and always will be;

It's what keeps me sane.

It Flows

You know you're going the right way;

when something breaks your fall,

you collide with clouds

instead of glass;

It doesn't shatter and nor does it tear your skin

you float instead of drowning;

your head staying above the waves,

your laugh is louder than any of your fears,

taking in sweet oxygen with ease

exhaling favor with the Lord,

reflections no longer make you ill

you feel lighter,

like a balloon being carried on a journey

through the atmosphere,

the enemy no longer tempts you and wins,

you savor the taste of food so contently,

dreams no longer consume you in your slumber,

people seem better tolerable

honesty flows like river

and love is carried up current,

stronger than ever.

Born Again

When you gaze upon me

you will see salvation;

it takes on this human form,

wrapped around my body;

seeping into my bones

and kissing my soul forever

for I have been saved;

saved for eternity,

forever the light in the presence of my

savior, perfectly made

yet always a sinner,

I’ve begun to change,

to be a saint I will be

for I have been born again

the king of kings heard my voice

from within the shadows of darkness,

he took my hand,

and helped me see

bringing forth a new beginning

to be a servant

but no longer a worldly slave.

© 2022 Candice Yates