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Poem: Catch-22

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Catch-22 ia about working, but wanting to throw in the towel to quit. No matter the desire, we cannot quit our jobs because we have bills to pay. Blood is thicker than water & our money is in the red. We will be at work again tomorrow. Cracked hands, exhausted feet - we must work.

Vontae retires at halftime - MelliLorenzo Alexander pissed" by MelliMelVO

Inspiration From Actions of Football Player

I wrote this poem back in Sept of 2018.
It was inspired Vontae Davis # 22 defensive corner back for the Buffalo Bills when he just quit at halftime. Not just that game but the entire sport of NFL.

He said " Reality hit me fast and hard. I shouldn't be out there anymore."

I know we all feel like quitting sometimes but we cannot afford to when we have bills, family, etc. to worry about. There is never enough money to just simply quit.
Nonetheless, we all keep this dream in our heart.



Soapy hot water,
dishes strewn upon the counter,
tired hands scouring pots and pans.

Throw in the towel,
take liberty at halftime,
“Reality hit me fast and hard
I shouldn’t be doing this anymore.”

Not up to par,
do I keep sacrificing
or leave it in disarray?

Blood is thicker than water,
money in the red,

Dry cracked hands,
exhausted feet,
a clean counter until tomorrow.

"Vontae Davis quits team at halftime of Bills loss" by News 8 WROC

"Take This Job and Shove It " by Johnny Paycheck


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