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Poem: Butterfly Feeling

Poem Summary

"Butterfly Feeling" is about her remembering the moment he first spoke to her.

He acted like a high school boy wanting his first kiss.

She had nervous jitters like butterflies.

Though the days have turned into years, she still gets excited with a sense of that fluttery feeling when he smiles at her.

"I Still Get Butterflies" by Brenda Herbert vocals Tyler Perry


"Butterfly Feeling"

She remembers the moment he first spoke to her

with his boyish grin and twinkling eyes,

full of excitement like a high school boy

wanting his first kiss.

Glancing at her with his sexy, alluring eyes

anxiously listening to each word,

spewing sincere compliments her way.

Each time he wraps his arms around her,

she feels butterflies

like nervous jitters

pounding rapidly in her chest.

As the days turn into years

she smiles with happiness,

each moment he is beside her

excitement still building,

sensing that fluttery feeling

watching his boyish grin

smiling back at her.

My body has become a sanctuary for the butterflies you give me.

— r. m. broderick


"You're Still The One" by Shania Twain