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Poem: Bulletproof Boy Scouts

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.


It's a brand new day
I'm awake
There's no more dream
But I am bulletproof and I like it.
I need u,
And for you I'm home
So don't leave me.

I'm embarrassed
So I'm throwing a blanket kick.
My blood, sweat & tears are all yours.
Danger is coming
As your fake love gets lost.
Mic drop, haters
Your words don't matter
N.O., they don't matter
Not yesterday,
Not today,
Not tomorrow.

On spring day,
I'm in 24/7=Heaven.
As I ride the airplane pt.2,
I feel like a boy in luv.
Definitely, a boy with luv.
My DNA is dope sick
So let me know if you're moving on.

Where did you come from?
Are you one of the 21st century girls?
Or am I wrong?
If not, let me be your Anpanman.
Please answer: love yourself.

The attack on Bangtan
Only brings out the best of me.
Just like a butterfly that soars freely and without a care for Converse High.
I'll come back home and just sip my coffee,
And think about your dimple that's illegal.
You put me on fire
When you hold me tight.
But I'm fine, I swear.
If I ruled the world
Like you've jamais vu before,
I'm no longer a baepsae.
So I'll just dance.

Just one day,
Look here.
The love maze will be taken cared of
Because we have a magic shop
That serve as mikrokosmos.
Do you think it makes sense?

Paradise is my path,
And I will gather you like a pied piper.
Through the rain, we will run
From this life of seesaw.
Let's forget on the count of one, two, three.

I'm having a war of hormone
So can you turn off your phone?
I'm falling like those dead leaves.
The heartbeat of this hip hop lover
Is trapped inside the house of cards.
I know that love is not over
So before I propose,
Please save me.
Before I become a spine breaker,
Don't you push me like whalien 52.

In 2nd grade,
Boyz with fun aren't like Dionysus
But it's the dream glow that sets an idol apart.
They jump and make it right.
That's the truth untold and we on, gogo.

Promise not to lie...
I know you listened to my epiphany
My euphoria will begin
Despite the singularity and stigma
I know you're my miss right
Even if you cause me tear
In this world of serendipity.

© 2019 Shey Saints

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