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Poem: Board of Restless Wings

A former family therapist, Mark is an author, humorist, poet, and short-story writer who enjoys a good comedy.

I'm holding my board at Morro Bay.

I'm holding my board at Morro Bay.

Inspiration for "Board of Restless Wings"

My water recreation in California consists mainly of bodyboarding and stand-up paddling in the bay and marina. When the big waves come (ten to twenty feet high and higher), I usually take a seat on my beach chair and watch the more experienced surfers or I get out my camera and head to the Mesa in Santa Barbara and take pictures of all the surfers from the edge of a cliff. I have much admiration for those supremely athletic surfers who could ride the big waves and make it look so effortless and fun. Note: All the pictures, including the ones in my YouTube version, come from the Mesa in Santa Barbara.

Poem: Board of Restless Wings

The board stays stable amidst

the chaos of the unpredictable

and the swirling sky

of the Gods of California.

The board glides with restless wings,

hovering above the water’s surface,

a waxed bird in the ocean of fairy tales.

The board has its own dialect

Its unique rhythm and movement

through a mind-body connection,

a balancing of the soul.

The board says:

Go with the rumbling swell

Ride me as long as you can

in the twisting, curling undertow.

The board is loose and free

by a single heartbeat,

characterized by an adventurous spirit,

surrounded by a fearless surge.

A process that will quickly unfold

surprising those who are ready

to stand upright on the tightrope

of hope and trust.

A dream that once seemed impossible,

a surfing pleasure ride,

barefooting in the clouds

above the sea of transformation.

Board of Restless Wings

© 2018 Mark Tulin

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