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Poem: Behind These Shades


Behind These Shades

I think of my overuse of suntan lotion,

The swimming talent which I lack,

And how the weight of my stiff back,

Keeps requesting me to practice caution.

As I lay down on a deckchair,

I stay active behind these shades,

By productively playing a game of charades,

While children joyously toss beach balls they share.

Although I only taste the sea-salty air,

The beach does not make me bored,

I gaze longingly at the daring surfer on the surfboard,

Which makes me reminisce times when I didn’t have to care.

How even more foolish I was as a child,

I ruled that every seashell was mine,

They were accessories to my sandcastles at the shoreline,

I persevered to recover these necessities when waves were only mild.

I love the imperfections of the sandy beach,

The small pyramids sculptured by footprints of diversity,

The holes never tire the sand that carry families,

They live in harmony with the blue sea.

The sea sparkles like fine wine,

But nothing compares to the shine in children’s eyes,

How they light up more with gleaming splashes,

Their’s and my kind of friendly lashes.

Ann Carr's Challenge

This poem is actually from the perspective of a man who used to be fit and active at the beach but now lives a sedentary lifestyle. It is in response to Ann Carr's Challenge. Thanks Ann for this challenge. It's my first challenge on HubPages and I would like to play along as you know...the more the merrier..haha! :)

She wrote:

"I want to pass the baton with a challenge of my own.

Do you have a favourite beach? One you know, or one in your imagination? Write about it! Describe like you’ve never described before! Use unusual vocabulary! Make us see every detail in the landscape!

Prose, poem, fiction or reality, let’s hear about it in a way which makes us want to visit or which fires up our imagination."

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew

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