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Poem: Covid-19 Detour

My boyfriend is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Everyday we encounter new details on this life changing nightmare. The road is not easy.

Poem Summary

Covid-19 detour is how new rules for accompanying others to hospitals, treatment centers, etc. effects us. Forcing us to sit outside instead of being next to our loved one while a doctor's plan for a conference call fails. Eventually he turns the situation inside out beating the odds of Covid-19.

"We Got This" by Seth Walker


Covid-19 Detour

New rules set in stone,

with Covid-19 numbers spiking

tossing a monkey wrench into one’s plans,

forcing him to face life’s important junctions

in total solidarity.

Sitting outside alone in a four wheel drive

patiently waiting for her smart phone to ring,

she feels like she is stuck

between a rock and a hard place,

instead of being by his side.

Frustration grows as the connection fails

isolating him to face his fears alone,

as the doctor's words quickly travel through the air

relieving his despair,

smoothing over his next step in today’s journey.

The sense of loneliness dissipates,

communication opens once again

with fingers tapping words to exchange,

waiting as poison daggers flow through his veins

attacking the invasive monster living within.

Sittings in uncomfortable chairs

with a building in between,

they beat the odds against Covid-19’s detour,

with a sense of togetherness

linking their hearts,

turning these hours inside out.

"I Won't Let Go" by Rascal Flatts

The Writers Club

My poem, "Covid-19 Detour " has been selected by the crew at GreyThoughts.Info for publication by The Writer's Club.

It seems I cannot post a link so I will put info here.

You can find this link under my Facebook profile too.


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