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Poem: Bad Feeling

Bad Feeling

Bad Feeling

I thought I got burned up

But she was yet to proof it

The communication was no longer the same

She kept her text short

Like she never wanted to chat

She asked for some room

Something she was sure I couldn't give

She learned how weak I was

It was not weaknesses

She had charmed me with love

All the wrong were right

All the tears became joy

Why ask for space now

When I need you the most

Why can't you wait

At least upto tomorrow

You like leaving me in cold

You even asked me to leave you alone

How do you think I feel

Or maybe you no longer care

Am I forcing myself to you?

I guess no

Coz you said you can't do without me

I wonder what will happen

If truly you mean pushing me away

Please do so knowing it will hurt

Am sure you are hurting

But pride won't allow you accept

Trying to be a hero?

But making compromised decisions

You have done nothing special

They have always done it

Pop in my life like that

We smile today

But tommorow you are gone

How do you think I feel

Am tired of hiding it

Coz it's eating me from inside

Not sure if I will survive

But the last person was not you

Should I say that the beautiful ones are not yet born?

I think no

Because in you all my love dwells

In you my life can glow

© 2020 Ian Muiruri Wanyua

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