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Poem : Bad Boyfriend / Options

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Poetry : Bad Boyfriend


Bad Boyfriend / Options

He is a bad boyfriend.

He does not love you.

When will you get a clue?

You really need

to find a love that is true.

I know what you are going to ask:

"but with who?"

Well, how about you

think of that guy

that was always kind,

the one

whose personality

blew your mind.

He really was

quite refined.

Reaching out to him now

might be like

hitting rewind,

but it is time

to leave that

bad boyfriend behind.

I know that you feel confused.

You probably want to say,

"Seriously, you think that

I should go back to a guy

from my heyday?"

I am just saying

that it is an option.

The one that might

readily come to mind

the most

might be one that

you already once knew,

but, yes you can

also potentially

meet someone entirely new.

Simply introduce yourself

and go from there.

You have options.

Tell the bad boyfriend

to get out of here.

You have options.

Well, I know that

you might want

to think twice,

but this has just

been my advice.

We are nearing

the end of the day

and you look

like you have

something to say.

So, I will give you

your turn to speak.

Go ahead.

Please reply.

"Well, I feel like trying

to stay in the relationship

does not necessarily make me weak,

just committed.

Nevertheless, perhaps

it is time that I readily admitted

that your words have been

very well said.

The big picture is seen.

The relationship with

the bad boyfriend

is starting to largely bore me.

It is time to

find a nice boyfriend

that truly will adore me.

After all, the time

spent with that bad boyfriend

was not a marriage

but only a courtship

and it has caused me

a lot of emotional pain and hardship.

I know that it is really

all about compatability.

Thanks for your pragmatic advice.

I am looking forward

to being with someone nice.

I have options."

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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