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Poem: Anxiety Meaning

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"Anxiety Meaning," is a group of poems I've written in response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 39."

"Anxiety's Grip; Anxiety ~ Acrostic Poem; and Anxiety Causes Fear are the pieces I wrote.

Each one depicts how anxiety overcomes us and takes over control.

"Anna Clendening ~ Anxiety"


Anxiety's Grip


has a grip on me,

no matter what I do

I cannot break free.

I toss and turn

beneath the blankets,

my thoughts racing

with impending doom.

I feel like I’m sinking

into an unknown abyss,

with each breath shallower than the last

my heart beats going sky high.

I meditate in the dark

taking deep breaths,

then slowly I exhale

hoping to relax.


Anxiety ~ Acrostic poem

Anxious emotions

No safe haven

X-files mentality

Individual fear

Eats away at my core

Thoughts drifting

Yearning to be left alone.


Anxiety causes Fear

Fingers trembling,

breath is short,

I wish I could remember

why I thought I’d be a good sport.

I don’t like public speaking

but here I go again,

waiting to take my place

at the podium.

They say practice makes perfect,

but this ain't goanna be good

because my feet are shaking in my boots,

they're ready to run and hide.


Although anxiety is a part of life, never let it control you.

— Paulo Coelho

"Dear Anxiety Lyric Video ~ Clayton Jenning"