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Poem: Anxiety Meaning

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"Anxiety Meaning," is a group of poems I've written in response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 39."

"Anxiety's Grip; Anxiety ~ Acrostic Poem; and Anxiety Causes Fear are the pieces I wrote.

Each one depicts how anxiety overcomes us and takes over control.

"Anna Clendening ~ Anxiety"


Anxiety's Grip


it has a hold of me

no matter what I do

I cannot break free.

I toss and turn

beneath the blankets

my thoughts racing

with impending doom.

I feel like I’m sinking

into an unknown abyss

with each breath shallower than the last

my heart beats going sky high.

I meditate in the dark

taking deep breaths

then slowly I exhale

hoping to relax.


Anxiety ~ Acrostic poem

Anxious emotions

No safe haven

X-files mentality

Individual fear

Eats away at my core

Thoughts drifting

Yearning to be left alone.


Anxiety causes Fear

Fingers trembling,

breath is short,

I wish I could remember

why I thought I’d be a good sport.

I don’t like public speaking

but here I go again,

waiting to take my place

at the podium.

They tell me practice makes perfect,

but this isn’t goanna be good

because my feet are shaking in my boots,

and I want to run and hide.


Although anxiety is a part of life, never let it control you.

— Paulo Coelho

"Dear Anxiety Lyric Video ~ Clayton Jenning"


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