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Poem - All the Thoughts in Her Head

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Poem - All The Thoughts In Her Head

All the thoughts in her head.

All the thoughts in her head.

She just writes them down.

It has been helping her

to release the deep frown

that she sees burrowed

between her eyes

when she looks in the mirror.

It is like a disguise.

She used to smile

and be quite content.

Now she turns to her writing

to let out her vent.

She was vulnerable to heartbreak

and she got burned

but she did not just take it

as a lesson learned.

All the thoughts in her head

encompassed what she said.

She released it all

with no filter.

Typically, that is something

that people would do

only when they are off kilter.

Let us pray for this lady.

She is not doing well.

Let us pray for God to sustain her.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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