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Poem-A Letter to My Future Self-Response to Brenda’s Word Prompt-Week 24

I love poetry. I am a lifestyle enthusiast and like to write articles and poems on lifestyle changes that benefit people.

Writing to your future self

Writing to your future self

Word Prompts Help Creativity ~Week 24- ‘Letter’

Brenda Arledge, our fellow hubber and talented poet, gives us a word prompt every week to inspire our creativity. Using this word prompt, we can create a poem, short story, song or any combination. We have great fun trying to create different responses to the word prompt. We also get to read the creative output of our hubber friends.

This Week's Word Prompt-'Letter'

This week Brenda gave us the word prompt ‘Letter’. When I saw the week’s word prompt, I remembered an incident that occurred at my home the other day. When I was tidying the cupboards in my room, I came upon an old box. In this I had stored some letters. I opened the letters with increasing curiosity. When I read the letters, I remembered that I had written those letters to myself. During a class on self-improvement that we had during a training program in college, we had an exercise in which we had to write a letter to our future self.

Life is, to some extent, an extended dialogue with your future self about how exactly you are going to let yourself down over the coming years.

— Charles Yu

How the Word Prompt Inspired me to Write this poem

Our instructor spoke on the various benefits of writing to oneself. He said that it was a good method to remove stress and become more productive. When we write about our fears, we can also find methods to eliminate those fears. We can work towards improving our weaknesses and concentrating on the strengths. It could help us to learn and progress, become more creative. It also help in healing. Constantly trying to improve ourselves makes us successful and happy. Writing to oneself is a form of therapy.

I was really fascinated by this idea. I started writing a letter to myself every day listing the events of the day. What were the challenges that I faced that day and how I addressed them? How successful I was in solving the problems. What were the difficulties that I could not overcome? I had simply poured out my heart in those letters. This exercise continued for a few years. But later due to the hustle and bustle of daily life I stopped writing the letters. Now when I think about it, the habit was really rewarding. I realized that I was much more productive and happier when I wrote those letters. In this daily grind we hardly find time for ourselves. There is always something more important that takes up our time.

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.

— Marcel Pagnol

Advantages of Writing Letters to your Future Self

Allocating at least ten or fifteen minutes at the end of the day to oneself is imperative. Self-reflection leads to self-awareness. It helps us in setting goals and making efforts to achieve those goals. Later in the future when we read the letter we wrote in the past, we can assess our progress comparing with the present reality. It is also an insight into our inner thoughts, hopes and aspirations at that time. We can connect with our past self, get over the fears insecurities and attain calmness and direction in life.

Now I have decided to start this process all over again. Things are easier now. Just open the link given in the reference section, type out the letter, set a date and send. The email id has to be verified. And just forget about it but be prepared to be amazed when you receive this letter from yourself. This is a a very good resource to help us in this good habit.

Embrace who you are and your divine purpose. Identify the barriers in your life, and develop discipline, courage and the strength to permanently move beyond them, and keep moving forward.

— Germany Kent

Letter-An Acrostic Poem

Letter you write to yourself

Every day in the future to read

Time to realize your worth

Take hindrances in your stride

Eliminate the fears and

Resolve never to give up

Write to remove fear

Write to remove fear

Poem-A letter to my Future Self

Dear future me

Right now, life may seem challenging

Burdens seem to weigh you down

It is all a matter of balancing

Not letting yourself drown.

Don’t feel that you are stuck

You can make your choices

You can recreate and reconstruct

Rise and pick up the pieces.

Concentrate on your strengths

Think new thoughts, get new ideas

Learn new things, grow new connects

Begin each day with gratitude

Pray that every new day new tidings brings.

No matter how hard today maybe

Tomorrow is a fresh start

Never look back, the best way to be

Is to be wise and follow your heart.

Have a purpose, Set your vision

Achieve it with determination

Don’t hold back give your best

Remain focused you will be blessed.

Life is a journey full of scope

Enjoy the adventures, have fun

There is a lot for you to hope

You are not one to be overdone.

Nothing in this world is permanent

Today life may seem dreary

But one day this too shall pass

What is important is that

You decide never to look back.

We are all not perfect

Our mistakes we must accept

Work to renew ourselves

Set new goals to achieve

Don’t let scars of the past

Its dreadful shadow cast

Connect with your inner self

There is only joy there for yourself.