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Poem: A Prompt on Marriage

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

A Prompt on Marriage: Road to Forever.

Life is a journey.

Days, months, years.

How long will it take?

To reach forever.

Sometimes, I wonder.

Will you date for years?

Before you get married?

Does it matter?

How long

you’ve been together?

When’s the right time?

Days will pass by.

Still you won’t know,

the person you love now.

It takes forever.

To learn how to be better.

A person and a partner.

Each day,

We learn something new.

It will be scary,

to not know everything.

Same goes with,

knowing everything.

All at once.

If it takes a lifetime,

to get to know someone;

How will you ever know,

that person is the one?

I guess, it will just happen.

Is it something measurable?

For you to tell,

you’re compatible?

Through laughters and quarrels,

misunderstandings and flaws,

you can just never tell.

Just holding on to that;

Hoping everything goes well.

When is it the right time,

to hear the bells ringing?

Can you feel your hearts singing?

When everything goes in sync,

and the stars have aligned.

I guess, that’s when we know.

It’s time to seal it with,

an everlasting kiss.

Marriage is no joke.

Old folks used to say;

It’s not like a meal you can spit out.

When it doesn’t taste good anymore.

You have to think it through.

If you aren’t ready,

why push through?

Love alone isn’t enough.

There are things to be settled.

There’s no need to rush.

Or be pressured.

Before you decide,

Make sure you won’t regret it

No matter what happens.

A road to forever,

will never be easy.

Moreover to reach,

a happy ever after.

There’ll be times,

you’ll be rude to one another.

There’ll be times,

you’ll be cruel to one another.

There’ll be times,

you’d hurt one another.

But, even after all that,

you’d still manage to,

miss each other,

love one another,

laugh and be happy together,

and can’t let a day pass

without thinking about each other,

longing for one another,

Still cares for each other,

then it goes without a saying:

You’ll be fine sailing your way

to forever.

It just feels good,

when people happily in love,

are filling in the air

we breathe in.

When we see people smiling,

laughing their hearts out,

We tend to be happy too.

It’s a plus,

if we are the reason why

people around us are happy.

People tend to frown more often,

and I find it rewarding,

when I can make someone

crack a chuckle.

Or a good laugh perhaps.

I’m not sure,

if there are still a lot of happy couples,

Whether its dating, engaged, or married

but I hope they get better days ahead.

With just happiness and hope

around their head.

News have been filled

with failed marriage lately,

But I’m glad people still believe

on the joy of tying the knot.

May the flame of love,

linger on and continue to burn.

Wishing you all couples of all kind,

happiness and overflowing hope.

Well, just my cent of thoughts.

We were all young then.

Thinking, who’d get married first?

Now, all of you have gone to aged

when you decide to marry.

Just how fast the time flies.

Soon, there’ll be little version of ourselves.

I wonder how life will be like then?

But I guess, I’ll find out when I get there.

Maybe, it’s something

I should look forward to.

A reason to keep going.

until then,

let’s bond together once again,

as our family keeps growing.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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