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Poem: A New Season

Nkundimana Dieudonne, is a bachelor of Social Sciences, Business Studies with Education at UR (University of Rwanda), college of education.

A New Season

A New Season

  1. Spring came at last,

Literally lessening my worries,

I’ve been receiving signs,

Simply signing the new season,

Awakening me in my hibernation,

Taking me in my small heaven,

Away from winter that withered my thoughts,

Blurring my vision every second,

That even though I blinked,

All I saw was a white snow,

The snow that beautifies,

Was a source of my misery.

A New Season

A New Season

  1. Bringing me back to an old saying,

All that shines is not gold,

Caught up in my oblivion,

I never saw the coming,

That season seizing happiness,

Replacing sadness and worry,

Springing with hope and adventure,

Never leaving behind new chances,

Springtime timing new beginnings,

This was my springtime,

Time for me to rise and bloom.

A New Season

A New Season

  1. A spring full of joy,

Springing to life cold hearts,

Bringing love and success,

This was my awakening call,

A dial of rejuvenation,

I can finally see my plants,

Springing back to life,

Their flowers blooming,

And fully blossoming,

After the winter came the spring,

I never fought to bling the spring,

It came naturally, nature has its ways,

To bling a shining moon,

In a darkest night with no knight,

To walk you past the blind spot,

With a hand pulling you up,

And an armour to catch arrows for you,

But this was a new season,

Anew chapter of spring,

The result of my withered plants,

At last my work paid off.

By: Dieudonne Nkundimana.

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