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Poem: A Moment Too Late

My step dad recently passed away in a nursinghome. We didn't get to see his room or visit because of coronavirus.

Poem Summary

A moment too late is a poem about a couple separated because he is locked behind the doors of a nursinghome since coronavirus hit. She misses the touch of his hand on hers hoping the vaccine will lead to visits in person. The time arrives too late. Heaven takes him home before she sees him again.

"Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven"



A Moment Too Late

He is stuck behind the doors

of a place he calls home,

where coronavirus locks the entrance.

She misses his friendly face,

the sound of laughter in his voice,

the touch of his hand on hers.

She yearns for the moment

when the vaccine makes it safe

to open the doors,

with no more disappointing visits

standing outside staring at one another

through a layer of glass.

Tears stream down her cheeks

for the time is arriving much too late,

as heaven opens the gates

taking him home.

"Gone Too Soon" by Simple Plan


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