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Poem: A Fool's Paradise

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

A fool's paradise is about trying your luck at the slot machines. Hoping for the winning combination for that big payout. As you play you wait on a drawing to pick your name hoping to get a return for your money. Feeling the sensation the one-armed bandit is about to give you a lucky payout.

"Women & Slot Machines" by Daniel Tirado


A Fool's Paradise

A fool’s paradise,
waiting for the winning combination
with a press of a button,
hoping today is his lucky day.

Listening for the drawing
hoping to hear his name,
for a chance to win fast cash
getting a return for his money.

A dreamer at heart,
a risk taker in life,
he feels the sensation
of the one-armed bandit
ready for that lucky payout.

"Luck Of The Draw" by Daniel Donato