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Poem: A Farewell

Nkundimana Dieudonne, is a bachelor of Social Sciences, Business Studies with Education at UR (University of Rwanda), college of education.


To my dearest friend,

Today I woke again gaining pain,

The pain of losing a walking stick,

That supported me throughout the rain,

The stick that protected me in the night,

The one that fought for me at my lowest.

Farewell Letter

Loved quote

‘‘ Anything that is born has to die, only the Soul is eternal.’’

Akram Vignan.


Dear friend; you know me too well,

I’m still bad at farewell as yesterday,

I’m not ready for the word of closure,

I’m not ready to turn to another page,

A page that may lead to a new chapter,

A chapter without my walking stick,

I’m dreading the life without you,

My beloved close friend to heart,

This life and new chapter I’ll start,

With no assurance of someone special,

Someone who support you in all times,

Someone who loves you unconditionally,

Someone who helps with good intentions.



Today I’m not in for a farewell,

The deluding departing word,

That destroys my cheerful mood,

I’m not ready to keep you in memories,

Where I’ll always remember that time,

When I first and last hugged you,

When I had you as a shoulder to lean on,

When we fought for silly reasons,

When you proved to be a worthy friend,

I’m simply not ready for a final goodbye,

But whoever said life was fair is a liar,

For I’m not ready, but yet you’re leaving.



As I’d learnt in life to be ready for an adieu,

That farewell closing word,

For whatever comes is meant to leave,

Be ready to accept departures in life,

In order to welcome new arrivals in life,

Farewell my dearest friend,

You were a love to keep,

That was my closure, my farewell.

Bye! Bye!

Yours undeniably,

By: Dieudonne Nkundimana

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