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Poem - A Beauteous Bleeding Heart Flower


Have you ever heard of bleeding heart flower,

The one belong to poppy family

The one with other beautiful names

Like Asian bleeding-heart or Fallopian buds

Lady-in-a-bath or Lyre flowers

Have you ever seen a bleeding heart flower,

Growing under the partial shade

On the land of Japan, China and Korea

And also natives to Siberia

Have you ever watched them bloom,

During the early spring morning

Blooming slowly into heart shaped gem

Hanging on the weak arching stem

With white tiny droplet hanging at bottom

Have you ever seen their elegant colours,

With the brightest Red and pink

Or with the calmest colour white

Shining about with great delight

Have you ever seen them drenched in rain,

With all their leaves quite a wet

And petals soaked with dew drop

Like glittery sprinkles on top

Have you ever touched them gently,

After removing slugs, snails and Aphids

Feeding on their fleshy leaves

Covered with soft fridges

All around their edges

Have you ever seen them dancing in wind,

Where entire wands twirl

Covered with dozens of flowers flange

Without thinking of their brittle roots, Strange

Have you ever tried to grow them,

By keeping the soil moist

And filled with rich compost

Where seeds borne in long pods

And yellow leaves emerges at each nodes

Have you ever tried to love them wholeheartedly,

Before they die back in chilling winters

Leaving the roots alone back in the soil

But you care their roots from the winter spoil

Until the first frost appears through damp coil

- Srushti Gamit


“Touch my heart with the hands of love.

This is the only way I could ever bloom.”

— Alexandra Vasiliu

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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