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Among us

Who do u choose to surround yourself with.

Whether you know it or not, every second spent in the presence of any other human being builds a character. Develops personality, creating morals in others while learning some for yourself. Who are you choosing to surround yourself with? Are you motivating others to fulfill their potential? Promoting what is right? Discouraging the wrong? Fighting the good fight. Do you have someone who will never lead u astray? Points you in the right direction? Who builds you up? Believes in you? To have one among us is a blessing. While in this world, we all need at least one. Teaching each of us to give others that same hope.

Look around, who's life are you impacting. Are you making a difference in the world? Are you shining bright, does your light shine? Stand tall, keep your head held high, become who you were created to be. A child of God, created in his very image.

Overcome the world.

The beauty that is everywhere.


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