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My Wondering, Frightened Child

I call to you,

My Love.

I call to you,

My child.

You are not lost,

You are not gone forever,

come to me.

Here I am,

Waiting for you,

My arms stretched out wide.

You need only to call upon me,

You need only to believe.

Here I am,



Oh I long,

For the day that you look up to me-

Without restraint.

Oh, my child-

You are mine-

I have chosen you-

I have known you,

longer than any.

You need not hide,

Your faults are not a secret.

Oh if you only knew

The love I hold for you.

Oh come to me

My wondering, frightened Child.

You are known to me.

You are understood.

You are more than this world could even begin to fathom-

Because you are mine.

I chose YOU!

So come to me My Child,

My arms are open wide

for you.

I Love You!

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