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Poem 60: Nothing to Find in Here! Keep Searching.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

'Nothing' - to Find in Here! Keep Searching!

You tell me how lucky I am to be doing nothing.

Here is what I have to tell you.

Doing nothing is actually more exhausting.

Doesn’t mean you see me doing nothing,

Means I’m having the best of the best day of my life.

You’re more lucky if you are still able to do something.

Because by doing nothing, you’re wasting a lot of things.

How is it exhausting if I’m just doing nothing?

There’s a lot going on inside me,

but I’d rather tell you that “I’m fine. It’s nothing.”

Because explaining further is just a waste of time.

You wouldn’t understand how tiring it is to be doing nothing.

Every day you wake up must be exciting to do something.

But for me, the mere fact of just getting up in the morning,

is the most exhausting and tiring thing to do.

Even with more than eight hours of sleep,

My back would still be aching and would ask some more time to sleep.

How could I ever get the energy to do something,

when I’m already exhausted doing nothing?

Nothing fuels my energy other than sugar rush.

Sugar and sweets like chocolate though,

make my stomach ache and makes me get tired easily.

If I can’t eat those, will I ever get to do something?

Or is it better to let the day pass doing nothing?

Sometimes, you’ll feel nothing.

Nothing interests you,

nothing makes you happy,

nothing to do.

nothing to look forward.

Just nothing.

Some days you’ll feel

your arms and legs

aren’t working like they should.

You try to move it,

but it feels nothing.

That’s scary isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s frustrating

when you wish there was

something you could do;

but you’ll end up thinking,

there’s actually nothing much.

That nothing can be actually something.

But what is that something?

If your brain can’t think of anything,

then it might just be good to say nothing.

Brainfogs will always be confusing.

Gives you difficulty in concentrating;

and remembering its meaning.

If in any case you see me laughing,

I know what to tell you.

“It’s nothing.”

Ask me why I’m crying?

You know the answer.

“It’s nothing.”

There’s got to be something right?

But it’s really nothing.

Life means nothing unless

you give it a meaning.

The moment that you give meaning to it,

It becomes something.

That something will spark a new beginning,

Will encourage you to start dreaming,

and by doing that;

What started as nothing

could turn into something

that’s wonderful.

Make it happen.

You might just be a nothing now,

But one day you’ll definitely be a thing.

That will keep shining.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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