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Poem: 4 Fingers

A friend and I were so close to heading to "4 Fingers", a fast food restaurant known for its fried chicken on our few outings, but we never made it there. Take a look at my poem to see the little times we spent together.

The above photo is a combination of a heart symbol and a chicken. I deliberately drew 4 fingers within the heart. Hope you notice them!

Poem: 4 Fingers

Funny how a series of phone disconnections,

Made the two of us connect in real life,

We were meant to be because of that,

We were not meant to be because of friction.

I can count on my fingers,

Three not four months,

We were two in one,

We went out and had fun in the sun.

But if we needed to say hello,

We had to say goodbye,

The hellos were not enough,

To dry my teary eyes.

We were close to four fingers,

Now you see...we are chicken.

© 2022 Li-Jen Hew

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