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Poem 345: Five Years Plan & Poem 346: Last Wish

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Five Years Plan & Last Wish


An ant knows:

how to separate sugar from sand.

Its common sense.

Human brain is much more superior.

One buys sugar and sand from different sources-

the question of mixing never arises.

Their uses are also different:

sugar is added to tea, sand is added to cement.

But at times sweet words make us fool

and quicksand engulfs our whole.

Its five years plan.


Please don't keep flowers on my chest-

I can't forbear the weight!

Let me rest in peace,

which I haven't got when I was alive: my poor fate.

I don't need respect after demise.

When I was motile I begged for regards.

The flowers are too heavy, heavier than my grief...

It's disturbing my last existence, insulting my final words.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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