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Poem 342: Please Listen To Me

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Please Listen To Me


Please listen to me.

I know you are free.

I have some news to convey-

please don't behave in this way.

Democracy is law

but autocracy has its own flaw.

Don't move towards left or right

as dictatorship will never let you to fight.

Love and live, live and love.

Witness the flight of a dove.

None will get ruled, if there is no ruler.

Rule yourself- kill your animal nature.

I want to see a beautiful world.

After a dry winter, spring will bring the herald.


Please listen to me.

Please don't get angry.

Anger destroys all like wild fire-

it will mark your downfall due to toxic political air.

Please listen to me.

Please don't get greedy.

Greed destroys patience and concentration.

You will lose your way because of wrong decision and action.

Please listen to me.

Please bring your ego down to your knee.

Ego is like quicksand,

when you sink, you will understand.

Please listen to me.

Please don't hate anyone as you suppose to be.

Hatred will bring your end.

You will lose your identity- your bosom friend.

Please listen to me.

Please quit jealousy.

Jealous nature is your terminator-

violence creeps in, humanity is destroyed by war.

Please listen to me.

Please don't rule others misusing your energy.

Fear will cause your harm

and you will die like a tapeworm.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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