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Poem 340: How can I convince my dad & Poem 341: Flat

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

How can I convince my dad & Flat

a) How can I convince my dad

'I have to stay alone in abroad'.

'We have come alone, we have to go alone, we will leave alone,

so why can't you stay alone'?

'I am frustrated, I need to talk to someone'.

'Work hard, talk little'.

'I am getting fellowship, I can take charge of someone'.

'Complete your studies first'.

'I am becoming aged'.

'My son, age is only a number, nothing else'.

'I will find her'.

'I will disinherit you'.

b) Flat

They sold their flat.

They were old, none to take care.

They were afraid of being kicked out, looted...

Money was safe in bank.

Their well wisher became their nominee.

They died quickly due to disease and depression.

Some told, 'They were in trap'.

Some told, 'They were fools'.

But I knew well

they were suffering from insecurity

and were exploited.

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