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Poem 330: Boredom

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Time heals

but leisure kills.

He can use his time

in office or club or driving or alone with wine.

She can't misuse her time a bit

for serial or friends or passion or to keep herself fit.

Boredom is like torn wings of bird.

Loneliness is like a rusted sword.

Neglection is like a two letter missed word.

Insecurity is lost identity card.

She downloads app.

Unlinked time bridges solid gap.

Chatting is free.

Unity of mind is sowing the seed of a tree.

Nothing is wrong.

This makes worst situations strong.

Many things can't be shared over phone.

A meet in person on a special date is done.

Time teaches us to discover how to manage time.

Friendship can never be a crime.

Obligation to hubby and refreshment with boyfriend-

a balance between capitalism and communism to reap democratic dividend.

Other side may be rich like a helping hand

or poor like quick sand.

Let change time.

Time will change monotonous hymn.

After few meets the caged bird is caught.

A caged bird never knows how to fly her thought.

Men can easily escape from sin

but women can never escape to win.

Her desire is never be fulfilled by any scope,

when her lord burns the relation of hope.

Relation is only one,

another is a mental sum.

The guy has gone out of station.

She gets burns in prison.

Thoughts can never leave or enter her mind.

It's known love is blind

but here it's one-eyed.

She has lost the way to ride.

His life goes on.

Killing self will never kill boredom.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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