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Poem 326: Problems In Marriage

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Problems In Marriage


'Your parents sold you to me.

My dad sold our house to pay your cost'.

on first night

her gallant confession

he never to bow

left with her that night

to his in-laws' home

guilty feeling to her in-laws

purchasing their son again

humans may not have shame

shame do have

duo returned.


'History repeating time and again'.

his realisation

he leaving her before arrangement

her status too high

his nature never to bow

her son repeating history

as his daughter too rich than him

if men having ego

women having reverence

or if women having ego

men having arrogance

he finding himself in her son

she finding her past in her son

he welcoming her son

'Love has no barrier,

at your age I can't accept

but now I can'.

his lament

her smile

whatever your behavior to your father-in-law at your marriage

same fruit going to be reaped by your son-in-law

she hugging his wife

he hugging her hubby

but arrangement missing hug.


'Your friend left her new home for her old one

as her hubby has an affair.

Your can bring her back'.

she taking advice of her faithful neighbour

she doing her duty with utter sincerity

her friend's return

problem solved

her hubby controlling wildness of weeds of a rose garden

mind of family like broken tree

mended like broken wall of temple

family flourishing in familial fashion

what she told

'Marriage is serious.

He won't do the same'.

but her friendship with her friend lost

no third person inside marital relation.


mood swinging during pregnancy

her dearest swinging on a different swing

time and care vital needs of women

time outcome of belief

care outcome of respect

her tension of being alone

her frustration of being lost

her panic of being falling down

her grief of being a failure

her sorrow of being cheated

mom's mind baby's mind

mom's needed to be happy

hence the baby

dad swinging on and often

after delivery her departure

her job highly vital

her motherhood vital most

her confession

'A single mother will prove her utter identity'.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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