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Poem 325: Motherhood Vs Commodity

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Motherhood Vs Commodity

Earth can produce crops,

to walk forward we press our feet on earth also-

womb is like earth:

respected for motherhood

and enjoyed by manhood.

If women permit their husbands only,

they may be treated as machines.

If women permit their friends,

they may be treated as toys.

If women permit anyone,

they may be treated as bitches.

A mother is respected always.

When a wife becomes a mother, her stature increases only.

A sister is always guarded by her brother.

A daughter is like next to her dad's mom to her dad.

A girlfriend is time pass or an accident.

A model is cheap.

A maid is a slave.

An entertainer is hell.

A defamed victim is to be rescued but never be married.

I do observe women from many different angles

but a woman's identity remains somehow

between mother and entertainer to common men.

To sages women are mothers

and to illiterates they are entertainers!

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