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Poem 323: Two Separate Lives

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Two Love Lives

He hardly wishes to imagine.

Once in past his car stopped due to a damaged engine.

His first love loved money.

When his business shattered, she fled away like a bee.

He got panic.

Love can never be a picnic.

A good girl saves his life.

She is now his beloved wife.

Men play with life but women with love.

The former is a cuckoo but the latter a dove.

His business is running smooth, hence life.

To cut fruits, not to kill, use your knife.

He lost, then gained.

River water quenched thirst, flood water got drained.

She meets her hubby once in a week.

This time he said, 'No need to seek'.

May be he is busy in work

or he is practicing romance in dark.

She flees with her male colleagues to attend a party.

In a separate bed she sleeps without going nasty.

Her roommates laugh at front but gossip at back.

Her emotions are circulating in an air-filled sack.

Her husband tells her, 'Come on the following week'.

Love relies upon kiss and gets shattered by kick.

She cries in heart but laughs in mind.

Anger must be trained, never be mixed with emotional wild.

A single loss can never be a total loss.

One day pain may bring multiple gains, match may be won after losing toss.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee