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Poem 313: Different Angles

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Different Angles


'You were extremely extrovert.

I was an introvert.

It was never a disease

but by nature I can't tolerate free mixing.

I broke norm of marriage

but my new love is a peddler

and I can't escape.

You get away and be safe.

If you had understood me from the beginning,

I may not have to experience death so early.

Society thinks about security of women,

never of men'.


'I was completely introvert

but you were an extrovert.

You forced me to feign sickness

and I fell sick.

I got my support and broke norm.

It's usual to spit at a woman,

it's usual to throw mud at a woman.

But you like cowards are respected in the society.

Remember, you escorted me first,

then I learned how to escort others'.


'We both are introverts.

We both make each other happy.

Introverts never feel boring

as our thinking is colorful'.


'We both are extroverts.

During day we catch hold many hands

but come back to own place at night.

Day means traffic jam and night means sound peace'.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee