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Poem 309: A Relationship

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

A Relationship

They looked at each other in Juhu beach-

one came from Pune, another from Mumbai.

As the morning dew kisses the grass blade with kind affection,

they fell in love for the first time at first sight.

As the wind makes sketches of ripples on water surface,

they tried to make sketches of their own thoughts.

As a bud opens into an everlasting beauty of a flower,

their hearts were widening to feel the very essence of love.

Her mother's name was Mrs. Bela Sen.

He knew that name too-his mother's cousin sister.

Their relationship was like camphor undergoing sublimation,

yes the relationship between cousin sisters.

Love is liberal but society never.

Life is a journey but many journeys are lifeless.

Like a lightening that bifurcates the broad sky, they broke up,

remained unmarried forever.

Their mothers kept relationship like a knot in a rope

to keep them apart- the camphor undergoing sublimation

started to condense.

They remained aloof from each other, from society,

but not from utter existence.

Juhu beach was the eye-witness.

The sea roared and hit the shore with waves.

The sand absorbed the wet waves.

The air kept the sand dried...

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee