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Poem 304: Twin Daughters

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Twin Daughters

I lost one daughter when she was three.

I made up my mind, I was the mother of one

as I could see both within one. I tried to forget.

But my life seemed to be unruly and undone.

It was impossible. But I got the lost one that day.

I had the proof but another one's husband was claiming her.

I disclosed everything but where was his wife?

The lost one's husband consoled, she died in an accident while driving car.

My destiny was like one-eyed goon.

One never allowed me to get warmth of two daughters together.

I was born to cry. I was born to suffer. I was born to forget.

But I could see the dead one within the lost one. Both were near.

When I hold the lost one, I felt the essence of motherhood.

I understood the atmosphere. But I could not see another's face.

Both were born together but one died early.

I was operated once but felt the pain twice. I lost my place.

I boldly accepted the truth like a sportsman.

I boldly faced the reality like a soldier.

I boldly lived my life like a successful man.

I boldly saved my life from the professional hunter.

When I touched one, I took the smell of two.

God was bit merciful as I had not lost both of them.

When one left, another was there. The pain was remedied a bit.

I prayed to God, not to extinguish my last hope, to stop playing dirty game.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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