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Poem 296: I Want To Survive

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

I Want To Survive

I want to survive.

Why I am telling like this? Is anyone trying to kill me?

Enemies? Failures? Depression? Time and Space?

I ask my existence.

He answers, 'Death means to escape.

An escapist can never find any solution'.

Sonu wrote this poem.

He came to know life is a game.

There was nothing to worry.

'Ignore and tell sorry'.

He was released from mental asylum.

He got the solution of a mental sum.

His mother scolded, he became aloof.

His father scolded, he jumped from the roof.

Then he was free from danger.

A life long medication could save the younger.

'Depression is not a disease now, it's a habit',

the psychiatric doctor told. He had a little bit.

Sonu's parents were lost in sea.

Now they would fulfil his every wish with folded knee.

Sonu was silent but firm.

He took rest on parents' arm.

The children shall be handled like delicate flower.

Love and care are utmost need at this hour.

Otherwise life will lose its vital power.

© 2021 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee