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Plenty of Fish But Hey


One Of A Kind

You mean the world to me, like the fish in sea

Wondering through oblivion with the life we have
By my side in the ocean,
Blue earth, green land
Whatever the place maybe,
Maybe the Yellow Sand

It’s you I see
Lending your hand,
While we lay in the sand
And I kiss your face and remember this place
The beach
The hat
The fat guy who looked as i grabbed your hips. The kids, intrigued, laughs in mind

leaving you kisses were the feelings and actions on my mind

The spark of curiosity is a kindling flame

We learned from our past and can make this one last.

The fights from our past we’re the reasons they had not last..
Build a life off love and live life
Create the reason for husband and wife
With no title, no fear, there’s trust

Equal power and lust,
Can’t pulls this away
The power of trust
Trust within love along with integrity too
It’s how many months now from fo to friend, we all know the possibilities...and enjoy them through the end.
You’re unique and inspiring, divine with love and life. So for now Dearest tell me too like in 5 days from now you can hold me tight and call me your boo

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