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Take Me Back


Take me back, back to the times when I didn't know what heartbreaks were.. The times when my heart only cried when I heard a loved our was ailing or in hospital... Take me a couple of years back when my heart only skipped beats and that that was that..
Take me back, to the days I actually did pray, and had a long list of prayer items.. Nowadays its just " tomorrow be kind on humanity "... And that's literally it and I say ' amen '..... Just take me back to those days when I was naive, back to those days when grandma would tell me to pray for rain ( and it would rain cause it was rainy season) and I'd be happy but not say a thing about it..
Take me back to those days, when the only nightmares that kept me awake was that big tarantula on the side of the wall... When mama read me stories and I wouldn't sleep until she was done reading.... Just take me back cause the nightmares have been having be realer that reality.........
Take me back to the time when I didn't know pain... The time the only pain I knew was when mama was mad a me for something I did or didn't do... Or when my neighbors just decided to come fight me because I didn't know how to throw punches....... Lately pain is just stuck on me like a last time, just can't shake it off even if I went to court..
. Take me back to when nothing made sense,.. Take me back to the time I was happy.... To the time I was whole... To the time when I'd close my eyes and all I could see was good memories.... The time when my biggest fear was being chased by mama hen and not thinking of who won't be in my life tommorow ....
Take me back to when faking a smile wasn't a thing for me...

© 2020 Amani Utembu


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 23, 2020:


I pray you can find a way back without the pain.

Picture a good day. Keep other thoughts out of your mind...only happy ones.

It's okay to fake a smile because the real ones are just around the corner.

You will see.

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