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Please let me out


Have been knocking way too long, you don't seem to even notice, if you do its just momentarily... And its back to business as usual...
Hey mask, I think its time you really came off. Last night we saw a shooting star and did nothing. You are making me you, and am afraid am regretting the choice to have had you in the first place.
That stranger just said 'hey ' and we didn't say nothing! Dear mask, I just have to lose you right away.
You've served me well but my heart's getting dark just like the scabs on my wounds.
You've literally been my best friend, my ride or die... My run-to person.. Been the shield to shield of emotions when I wasn't ready, when I was really scared....
And am just asking that I take you off, am pretty sure I might need you again so I won't shelf you so far away.
Its just that lately I feel like the old -real me is really ready to come out of hiding.
I miss making those wishes with my eyes closed and then open them and see if the star is still in sight.
. I just miss smiling at strangers, old habits, but I just miss that.
Dear costume, dear mask.... Please let me out.
Even if this is just a phase ( I sincerely hope it's not) just let me out...
Let me feel again.
Let me feel that breeze that gives me chills late at night.
Let me smell the grass again....
Let me get new wounds.....
Just let this butterfly fly... Just fly....
I hope I won't have to comeback. This time ...

© 2020 Amani Utembu

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