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Please Just Let Me


Just hold me, say nothing, listen to my heartbeat and breathing... And let me just shut my eyes for a moment... I tend to do this when stuff's getting scary or when am really hurting... So just let me.
If I start talking about love, please shut me up with some pills, or knock me out because we just know its going to end with me saying something that will make you all think am crazy ( or add up the new crazy to the already crazy you think I am).. Please don't let me...
Please don't let me near the piano.... Its worse than when I start talking about love or when the migraines start talking over.... Please don't let me near that thing...
That photo album. Don't come near when its in my hand.. For your own safety... Let me cry myself to sleep... Let me be crazy, cause I need it even of you don't understand..
Let me get lost, let me cry because the soul's really been asking for it.
Just let me......
. If you hug me and I tend not to want to let go... Please, just let me hold you a while longer... Let me just hug you..... That's something I can't seem to control.... So just let me hug... Squeeze me if you can..... Just let me.....
If I seem lost and silent.... Don't bring me back to reality. I seem to find it easier when my demons can't find me and feed me reality without my permission.... Just let me hide from them...
.. Please just let me....

© 2020 Amani Utembu


Amani Utembu (author) from Nairobi -Kenya on May 04, 2020:

Its easier written than said..

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 03, 2020:

I can feel the pain aching in one's heart.

Wanting to remember a lost love, but not wanting to say I love you.

Sad, and lonesome. Pleading to feel someone by your side

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