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Please don't ask


Don't ask me if am okay, because I will smile and say everything's fine. Truth is, I personally don't think am ever fine. I just don't believe in talking about it.
. I don't admit it much but have learned not to get attached, these people just tend to walk away faster and hurt worse than I hurt myself.

Don't ask if am well. There's always something bothering me even when I tend to think am well. And most of the time even I can't seem to figure what it is..

Don't ask if am happy. I actually don't think that happy is a feeling I know well, if not dormant, I think its no longer in me. This one is just for the birds, not for the likes of me..
Don't ask me how I have been. Because I hate talking too much,. Please don't, because I can't even remember yesterday.. I can't remember when I said 'hi' and was speechless thereafter.

Don't ask me if I believe, because I got questions. And am an outright overthinker on top of that. .
Don't ask me about love, that ship just sailed before I could get on board ..

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Amani Utembu (author) from Nairobi -Kenya on June 01, 2021:

Thank you Brenda.. Am glad to know am not in the overthinking bubble alone

Doroo on June 01, 2021:


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 01, 2021:


Glad to see you writing again.

This one speaks of someone who seems to be sad whose been hurt by love one too many times.

I hope the happiness comes back his way one day & he can take a chance on love again.

Overthinking is something that happens naturally with me.

I guess that's what one does when he has his guard up.

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