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Please Forgive!

I have always loved writing poetry since I started to understand emotions. Each of my poems is a representation of the world within my heart


We are in a sinking paper boat
You fill the hope of victory,
Oh god! Put everyone aside,

We are in the dark of despair
You fill the wick in the lamp,
Oh god! Give light to everyone

We mourn the sunset
Fill you with the rays of the sun,
Oh God! Give everyone a chance

We are looking for love in the stones
You fill it with emotion,
Oh God! Give heart to everyone's heart,

We are in the world of violence
You fill it with humanity,
Oh God! Make everyone human

We are nearing the stop of mankind,
you fill it with commas,
Oh God!Please heal everyone

We are guilty of killings of nature
you fill life in the universe,
Oh God! Please Forgive everyone...

  • We are all passing through a phase where it seems that in a few moments the human race will come to a complete halt. Covid-19 is such a global pandemic that many people have lost their loved ones! Many houses were destroyed. The grief of losing loved ones increased so much that the tears dried up from the eyes, but the bodies of those who died kept falling. But who is responsible for this? Can anyone tell?
  • I think we are all human beings responsible for all this! Nature has provided everything to man from which he has been benefiting in one way or the other. But in the race of modernity, man is knowingly or unknowingly destroying this nature himself. To escape from which nature is compelled to attack us. If it is not taken seriously in time, then we will destroy this beautiful nature created by God or nature will destroy mankind. So we all human beings should ask for forgiveness from Almighty God for all our mistakes.

© 2021 Riya Kedare