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Playing the Science Fiction Game of Life

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Been washed, ironed and emotionally drawn out for a while

Separated from what was normal and placed in a strange space

Unable to connect and do even the tiniest of activities

Restricted in energy and motivation, wondering when it will end

Have been told that this too shall pass, everyone's body different

Wanted to have a need to feel relief from something, anything

Normalcy came and went faster than ever expected

Feeling more like The Boy in the Plastic Bubble than a person

Minus some of the melodrama that plagued most of those flicks

Isolated from loved ones and the usual creature comforts

Taken for granted to air on the side of justified caution

Wondered why precautions were taken to only get it

The thing that everyone has feared and created protective measures

Trying not to be angry and place blame on the blameless

Pointless to analyze where it came from and how it hit close to home

Mindfield that could cause potential drama and tension

Resistant to socializing and simply being near people

Gotten to a point where simply taking out trash exciting

An amusing antidote after literally being under lock and key

Working hard to eliminate the stress from the body and the mind

Easier said than done when everything else on different wavelength

Than the good intentions determined to be carried out

No matter what became of your desecrated self and state of mind

Loneliness a bear that was hard to beat for over a week

Making an effort to smile when wanting to punch something

Or throw a tantrum for no apparent reason

Even landing on television programs that previously looked inane

Searching for the balance needed after this very long haul

Not sure when it will into the fold, knowing it will show up eventually

Thank goodness the weekend is fast approach

Need the rest and relaxation.

Ready to open it once the key is found.

Ready to open it once the key is found.

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