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Playing the Prose Game

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Dreading the scene around the dinner table

Full of small talk about what's going on

Almost like keeping score as to who's ahead in life's game

Often felt a failure when not checking certain typical boxes

Tired of trying to measure up to a non-existent fantasy

Not Marilyn Monroe, June Cleaver and a truck driver combined

Ok, do have tendency to swear more often than should

Get the picture though: society expected too much

When was it possible to find things at your pace

Without the added pressure of ticking clocks and judgment

Learning to mend a disillusioned and downbeat psyche

Taking rational approach in an effort to evolve

Fed up with talking about the problems of politics

That's a minefield no one wants to step into

Issues and complaints brandied around like weapons

No clear solutions to found and developed to deal with the mess

Everyone scurrying about to please the world and not themselves

Living up to a falsified image of reality television as real life

Not true when full of editing and commercials in between

Too structured and phony to contend with serious matters

Back to the dinner table conversations

Annoyed that people tend to talk about meaningless things

To avoid dealing with the issues closer at hand

Always pointing figures and never working out a solution

Dealt with respective literary death of a persona

Full of strength, vulnerability and subtle shades of mystery

Decided to terminate the character when one door closed

Never decided on a identity as an effort to shield true self

Gave up on the notion of the evolving story

When everything had a beginning, middle and end

That's it and no way around it

Time to accept facts and embrace reality

Took an unexpected plunge from a surprise overture

Ready to keep stepping on ahead and take care of me

Everything and everyone else can fly a kite in the meantime.

An image of domesticity and toxicity at the same token.

An image of domesticity and toxicity at the same token.