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Playing Too Much Spider Solitaire Can Cause An Acute Mental Delirium- Poem

I love to rhyme, therefor, I write poetry and if my muse is awake I love to write short stories. My name is Ruby. I am a retired RN.

He's the one I talked to


If a spider begins to talk to you, maybe it's time to see a Doc.

I sit here playing a game on my computer known as spider solitaire

I've beat it so many times the spiders are beginning to stare

Now one has started crawling out of my laptop

I'm wondering when in the H is he going to stop?

I guess he feels caged up like I do

Who would have ' thunk ' it, I need company so badly, usually I'd step on him with my shoe

Instead, I welcome him, come here little spider can I get you something to eat?

He stops, rolls over and says, " Sure give me a treat "

I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what he'd like

I take a chance and give him a bite

He says, " Ice cream, are you nuts, we spiders like flies caught in a web

Now you get off your butt and find me a cobweb. "

Post note- I've been caged up in my home for days, My mind is not stable, I'm seeing things. What do you think?


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