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Playing Florence

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Woke up in the middle night with a strange urge to dig

Ended up with an extra-large hole big enough to bury Eiffel Tower

Had the sudden impulse to throw myself in it after a fit of sleepwalking

Don't understand why I'm such a glutton for punishment sometimes

Is it the subconscious ability to self-sabotage anything good?

Hard to say; left my PHD in another Cracker Jack box

Tired of feeling less than the sum of some pretty decent parts

Letting the negativity rain seep into the porous foundation

Destroying once sturdy soil and allowing it to rot from the ground up

Ready to focus on what works in my life and let everything else fade away

Got a supportive Vice President; okay a better half with kind eyes

And a killer smile that would melt the heart of the strongest cynic

Someone who makes it nearly impossible to not run your fingers

Through his closely clipped dark brown locks multiple times

Holding him close when times are good and bad

Making him laugh after he had a very bad day at work

Comforting him after he got Bronchitis once again

Realizing that he need the same TLC he's given me in the past

Playing nursemaid with a fresh bowl of Chicken soup

And a lot of cold medicine to dry up what ailed him

Looking to boost his immune system and confidence at same instance

Encouraged him to take care of himself for a change

To not always focus on the needs of others before his own

Loved being with him even if it just meant sitting on the couch

Doing nothing but watching Family Guy reruns

Snuggling with my partner in crime was always good for the soul

Ready for the healing to begin; with the assist of modern medicine.

A step towards better health.

A step towards better health.

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