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Playground Closed

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


“Playground closed,” said the sign,

Yearning expression upon his face.

Came all this way, spent so much time,

Just to be caged away from my place.

Daddy, daddy, he calls out and cries,

Why did they do this to my park?

Can’t decide what’s truth or lies,

My leaders have left us all in the dark.

You may stay home, or you can go out,

Someone will hate you no matter the choice.

Perhaps give the government a sudden clout,

In lieu of them spreading truth through voice.

Can't turn to them for their candor,

Can’t even turn to them for help.

All their lies couldn’t taste any blander,

Yet we lie beneath their feet like whelps.

My son do not fear their threats,

Over you they have no control.

Where they’d see you drown in debts,

Fight them with your burning soul.

“Playground closed,” so they say,

But you know it won’t stop me.

Joy is here and it’s here to stay.

So I kick your sign down with glee.

The Narrative

First everything is fine, leaders who know about the virus say to come out and party. Next they are saying that it is the President's fault all this is occurring, they call him racist for banning travel immediately while they cried for more gatherings in public. Suddenly things are all closed down and we are all evil if we don't stay home, turning in your neighbors is what they want you to do, encourage division and polarization. Now everything is suddenly ready to open back up, and things are torn further asunder.

I'm done believing the hype, from all sides. I've been going out since the beginning, our doctors say my family probably already had the virus back in November. All I want is consistency, leadership, and most of all for people to stop arguing who is right and wrong when it is apparent that there is no black and white to this situation.