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What's the standard today?

Bypass on the outlaw standing against the standard

We're quietly at the wall, listening

Gathering what we consider

Evidence of wrong

Hearsay, did who say it? No one knows for sure, looking through a wall is an imaginary feat

Hearing whispers is clinging, posing as the new mindset, though

How many thoughts are of ours' own, factually?

Not to say, "Actually" yet still don't hear the reality wrap a' tapping.

Face to face is where we'll find the doorway is

Who will be the first to knock, searching truth more than the thrill of emotion to blurr our boredom and

Yet again, who will listen to our questions in full?

Ah, this emotion-the sense; hearing advancements to a breath of fresh air.

Thereafter, a witness answered the outside to come in.

Also, the answer comes to the inside, out.

"Finally," a soul replies, "someone to seize their opportunity."

The other admits, "Listening for so much time, and sensing the difference in how truth sounds has, finally, awarded us to here."

© 2020 Courtney Grant

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